Training Program

The Company Hires Them and We Train Them!

COMPETENCIES 1: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving/Humanism Intelligence  
Phase I Introduction to the mind
Phase II        Motivation
Phase III       Evolving
Phase IV      Fear
Phase V       Developing your inner-peace
Phase VI      Building your personal knowledge
Phase VII     Leadership in the mind through management
COMPETENCIES 2: Professionalism/Work Ethic  & Career Management
Phase I        Where do you begin – self-assessment:
Phase II       Self Intelligence.  What is it?
Phase III      Your personal potential   
Phase IV     Accepting your strengths – exercises and meditations
Phase V      Understanding your body
Phase VI     Understanding body language of others
COMPETENCIES 3:  Teamwork/Collaboration & Leadership/Management
Phase I        Communication working for you and others!
Phase II       Communication working for you!
Phase III      Productive listening
Phase IV     Positive reflecting through communication
Phase V      Embracing others point-of-view
Phase VI     Interrupting your communication