There are many rapid shifts in consumer buying behavior today.  The number one concern, excellent customer service in the service industry to customers. If the customer is not satisfied, they can move on.  DKJ Consulting Group will ensure your company captures the customer.  We stay ahead of economic change, an evolution of change in consumer needs, and research & data on a global level. It’s important not just to hire an employee; it’s essential to train the employee on the definite progression of customer service – This is what DKJ Consulting Group does.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of our Training Program, new hires certified to:  

Develop essential strategies designed for their job to support the company goals – avoid potential burn out, improve employee satisfaction and retention rates.


Create an environment that will help others and the customer feel valued, appreciated, and understand the communication style and needs to ensure persistent within the company.


Recognize the critical need to exercise an excellent customer service culture in the workplace and develop a high-level personality for frontline to ensure the communication, and the necessary skills to deliver outstanding service!


Identify the most typical disruptive behaviors and key strategies to address situations in a proactive, positive and safe manner and prevent difficult conditions before they occur, de-escalate conflict and turn a potentially negative experience into a successful outcome.

Improve and manage challenging situations , reduce the occurrence of incidents and improve service and overall operations and, improving the bottom-line.