DKJ Consulting Group

DKJ Consulting Group

DKJ Consulting Group offers direct, high-quality competency-based credential that efficiently upholds DKJ Consulting Group’s standards and ethics.

What is a credential? A credential represents a formal validation of a new hire’s qualifications and professional competency in customer service.

What is the value of a credential? A new hire certification ensures that they are proficient in soft skill competencies, providing evidence they have advanced professional service in customer service and knowledge of human intelligence. By promoting our credential to organizations, your new hires and the customer at large, will be able to present a base of knowledge, skills, and experience to those you, the company, serving in the customer service field.

How Do You Receive A Certification?

When a company has hired an employee and provided us the employee’s email address, we will contact the new hire for scheduling training dates.  New hires must be in college, a recent graduate (2 years out) or advanced degree from the U.S. only. We will be accepting international degrees in the near future.

Training Programs: The Company Hire Them and We Train Them!